Monday, June 18, 2012

Three Health And Education Trade Unions Want To Close Down Malabe Private Medical College

The Federation Of University Teachers Association(FUTA) along with Government Dental Surgeons Association (GDSA)and Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) were appealed from Government to close down the Malabe Private Medical College with immediate effect in view of safeguarding medical education in Sri Lanka it has been revealed.

Speaking on the issue  at a press briefing held in OPA Center in Colombo this morning president of FUTA Dr.Nimal Ranjith Devasiri has said  that authorities made a wrong decision by allowing Malabe Private Medical College to get in to business as it proved a College with poor quality facilities and also without a teaching hospital to provide  clinical training for medical students.He also stressed that it will be better if the said medical collage is given to create an engineering faculty.

Addressing the media the president of Government Dental Surgeons Association Dr.Ananda Rathnayake has said that the three unions including his Association along with FUTA and GMOA now in discussions with other Professional Unions to get their support against Malabe Private Medical College.Also they are educating Parliament MP's and Ministers on the issue he further added.

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