Thursday, August 4, 2011

160,000 Low Quality Intra Venous Sets Issued To The General Hospitals-Health Services Trade Union Alliance

Around 160,000 low quality Intra Venous Sets which are use to fix to the Saline Bottles were local purchased and distributed among majority of the General Hospitals throughout the island by the Medical Supplies Division (MSD)according to the Health Services Trade Union Alliance.The president of the Alliance Saman Ratnapriya has said today that  these Intra Venous Sets worth Rs.3.5 million were locally purchased by the MSD from a Chinese Medical Supplier on 2011-06-22 and Distributed among General Hospitals with a hole in every Intra Venous Sets pack  covered by a White Sticker.

As a product which manufactured through a Sterilization process the Intra Venous Sets pack cannot be with any hole as every pack should be free from all germs to ensure the safety for using for the patients Ratnapriya has stressed.However these packs are having holes which covered by a white sticker and when the sticker is removed the big hole was appeared he further added.

Some of the Doctors and Nurses already have informed to their Hospital Administrations that these Intra Venous Sets are not suitable for using for patients however still most of the hospitals received these low quality Intra Venous Sets still using them to give Saline for the patients Saman Ratnapriya has revealed.While  saying that there is a great health Risk created by  using of these low quality Intra Venous Sets for Patients,Ratnapriya appealed from the Health Minister to investigate on the Locally Purchasing of these Low Quality  Sets and revealed the findings to the public as soon as possible.

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