Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Risk Of Spreading Malaria In Sri Lanka Through Foreigners-Anti Malaria Campaign

There's a great risk of spreading Malaria in Sri Lanka through the foreigners who are returning to the country from countries like India the Director of the Anti Malaria Campaign Dr.Risintha Premaratne has said today(21).During 2013-2014 period 144 local and foreign Malaria Patients were identified on their arrival at the Katunayake International Air Port and the  Sea Ports in Northern Province  he has stressed.Out of these patients 95 were identified in 2013 and 49 were identified in 2014.

At present the spreading rate of Malaria in Sri Lanka is zero and to keep that rate continuously there's a need to prevent entering malaria to the country from other countries Anti Malaria Campaign Director has stressed.

Dr.Premaratne has made these remarks during  the press briefing held today at the Government Information Department in Narahenpita.

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