Thursday, January 24, 2013

Health Ministry Temporarily Suspended Use Of "Meropenam"Injections After Glass Piece Was Found In One Vial

The Health Ministry has yesterday (24) ordered to temporarily suspend the use of life saving anti biotic injection vial "Meropenam" in  all government hospitals and pharmacies island wide after a glass piece contained injection vial  was found from  Marawila Base Hospital .the glass piece contained "Meropenam" injection vial was found on Wednesday which is due to expire in June this year.

This is the second occasion that a glass piece contained injection vial has found during last few weeks since a glass piece was found in "Cloxacillin" injection vial stored in south colombo teaching hospital on last December.the contaminated injection vial was belongs to the batch number 170340 of the stock of "Meropenam" injection vials imported from an indian drug company .

The  contaminated injection vial was sent to the national drug quality assurance laboratory for further tests .

Meanwhile the  circular of suspending the said injection vials was issued last evening to all government hospitals and pharmacies according to health ministry sources.also the ministry officials have decided to inform on this glass piece contained injection vial to the indian government,health minister and drug authorities as soon as possible according to a mutual agreement reached between sri lankan and indian health ministries.

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